work fashion

Work fashion is a totally interesting concept. i realized i think so much about working clothes when i saw this waitresses clothes…nothing very striking…black pants and shirt and striped shrug.

She was pretty thin…did not catch the shoes.

There is office wear, wait staff wear, construction wear, art world wear. etc. i always wonder if what people wear to work is nice for them…i simply can’t stand uniforms…but don’t have a super problem with office attire.

We spend some time in our work outfits so i wonder how or not this defines a person. do they choose the attire or the job. i think i decided to home work because i didnt want to bother myself with a dress code.

So fashion is fun because you can kind of dissasociate from all of that.

haute couture!!

Haute couture is basically the same thing as regular fashion besides that its french and means high fashion. i love this term because it really implies the sense of having made IT fashion anon.

High fashion i guess i would regard a bit from a lot of different levels…i like thinking about it in terms of how the whole piece looks and the air about it. some people may think about it as ball gowns on runways but i also think about personal expression on all levels…where you shop…what you think…who your neighbors are and what you do.

It is for me a term about creativity itself…the highest art whatever that means to oneself. i guess for nudists its not an art term but i really think its a term for best presentation.


Wow fashion is so interesting to me. it seems to run the gamut between being a total status thing meant for the uber rich to being a complete free form set of self expression. i have always been into fashion in some form or another.

Furthermore handmade fashion and diy stuff is this whole other world included. that is like where people get really free form. but there is like this whole science to it…i want to transform what ive bought into something more personal.

Then you have fashion v. Apparel. is clothing fashionable…fashion is the end of apparel and vice versa. i dont know i guess the fashion is a part of the runway…the apparel is about the clothing. its pretty easy to deconstruct endlessly but fashion must really be about style.

And self expression…a total genre unto the chosen outfit.


when i create a garment i do think about its hold. i like a bit of structure (i think a lot of couturies are totally all about structure) but my real fascination is with hold. furthermore i think this is where the real innovation in fashion comes from

with my knits i make them tight enough to stay in place. i think this adds to the comfort and makes sure that your garment is seen as a fashion item.

with other items especially skirts i utilize the natural curve of the waist and the garment waist to induce a good hold on the body. i also use this formula with some of the strapless dresses or include a tie to hold on the body.

construction of garments

the construction of garments is important for a lot of reasons and in a lot of ways. the durability design and style will all be shown in the construction. i like to think about my garment construction in terms of how it will be worn, what the construction will do for the overall feel and how i can make it interesting and manageable for the wearer.

if the construction is good the garment will be durable. meaning if the sewing and knitting thread is tied off and not loose…the product will not unravel. each piece is in place properly and the hems are designed with that in mind. this contributes to the style…my clothes arent like wearing a sheet of plastic that will rip through…they are all handcrafted items.

depending on how the garment will be worn effects the construction a lot. if the item will be worn every day or to special events….street wear or home wear…those will all effect how its constructed and how then it will be worn. construction is a great topic for the real fashion obsessed because it gives a sense of how the clothes were made…factory or whatnot…handsewn or whatnot. this gives each item a specific feel. i make my stuff at home but i work as if its a factory. everything is done by hand, so this contributes to the asthetic. and i really feel this construction connects the wearer to the garment in a good way…the item is fashionable noteworthy (and may be a conversation piece) but is relatively humble and suitable.

fitting couture

couture fashion is a lot of times primarily about the fit of the clothes. part of couture…some say is like a hands on fitting, thus modeling on the runway it individually tailored and hand fit dresses and things. i am not totally sure this is actually what couture is about but it seems to fascinate the mind and draw attention to the runway models and clothes.

in general fashion and fit are so conjoined because of the constant innovation that goes on with the human form and how to accentuate its beauty functionality form etc. people are evolving constantly (ie what humans are do why or why not etc) so fashion expresses those trends…especially when it comes to fit and the way the garment fit is the expose of the human trend.

in my clothes and knits i generally make it like a one size that about anyone could fit into and i have been fascinated by the way the straight line garments fit. i like them because one can see the differences between the body and the garment…as apposed to the tighter garments that accentuate the curves or are curved themselves. but since i do use knits and knits this curve is acheived as well.


drape is something that you will hear a lot of people talking about in terms of garment creation. drape is all about the way the fabric flows or conjuncts or connects with gravity. every fabric will hold gravity different…same as various shapes or lengths will hold the gravity differently.

many people do not think drape is important because they think every fabric is just fabric and design is just algebra.

the real point of drape is the science between the curve and the flat plane or straight line. sometimes that can be perceived as magic especially in the modern day where science and technology interact so completely with this conjecture of curve and line — wave and particle — perception and material.