Liquor cabinet

This is a “topcho” i made for spring which didnt load until now.  It was super easy to make and is wonderfully warm. I reccomend making one.  I crocheted it and only kind of followed a pattern.
Anyway i wanted to blog about this liquor cabinet that i made out of paper mache and cardboard.  I did two layers of cardboard and taped it together on the edges.  I did a couple layers of paper mache (flour and water) and painted the outside.  I did like ten layers of cardboard for the shelf inside.  Its held three bottles one half full and i think it could hold a few more, all i need.
It has a tray on top for glasses etc and a bottom shelf for whatever.  I used a super heavy cardboard shim on the cabinet to latch the door closed as it twists horizontally because it is attached with a screw.
I also varnished it.

Trench coats and kimonos

So i wanted to post about these items.
One the trench coat is great, i like like patterned or woolsuiting types of “trench coat”.  I don’t think I know the difference between like the longer rain coat with back flap and regular trench.  I guess that I haven’t ever had a trench either.
And kimonos are kind of long too.  They have these kimonos that are like wraps, bathing suit covers now.
Both are cool to wear with a skirt or pants.  I just got rid of a tweed over coat from England.  It was super but got too small for me now. I liked it because of the black white and grey thread. It had a natural look but wasn’t too much in the natural color bracket.

Making shoes

So i just have been experimenting making shoes.  My first shoe design was brown paper stripped out and braided into very long braids then glued into a sole shape.  I used two layers of this braided sole then stitched on a heel fabric and a toe fabric.  I used a grommet maker to pass a lace through the ankle and toe fabric.  It is a great design.  I’m not sure how sturdy they are but would be fun to reproduce with maybe a molded sole.
I now am going to embark on some moccasin type shoes made of bike tire.  I have tons of bike tire and just use heavy duty thread.

Solar charger

I have been yrying a couple of things to try to go more solar in my life.  One of these is to try to find a good solar charger.  I purchased two solar chargers from china wholesalers.  The first totally didnt work and then the second didnt work either.  The customer service peeps said to charge it with the regular power source (plug into the wall). That did work to charge my phone, though not solar.
I also got a gift of a solar lamp which is like a super bright camping lantern.  This lamp has a plug in function for the phone to charge but it hasnt seemed to be working to charge.  This is weird because the light works and i dont know why that power will not transfer to my phone.
I guess i have to find like a better made one.

Beer and music

I’ve been writing all these music lyrics, mostly so i could have an excuse to go to the bar and get something done as well as drink.
Its a pretty good practice when i keep my handwriting legible and still interesting when theres nothing to write and i cant read what my hand is putting down.
I can write about pirate terms, nautical operations, led zepplin descriptions.  I put down like ten philosphical topics, made album titles, song titles, and key terms.  I have writen a lot, thought a lot about musical ‘loops’ through time and space as well as cultural and philosphical base for these patterns (abstractly of course).
I think about beer goggles, fish eyes, ipa and the war for the queen (usually an elephant), beer wreaths, weight of pints etc.
I wanted what i write to be really mathy ‘mineral metal’ instead of heavy metal, like more earthy.  I just put on my head phones and see what i learn from the beer. Now though i have turned to ballet and may want to write some separate pieces for like dancing to, 

Quilting projects

Ive been working on a bunch of quilting projects. I got one quilting pattern called through the looking glass and got it resized to make a bunch of mini quilts. I am trying to sell them in brooklyn.

The pattern is pretty cool though i drew it out myself the first time and it doesnt lie totally flat so i got my image enlarged at office depot and the pieces look a lot better. Plus we got a new savers so i can just use recycled sheets for cheap.

I also have a cool one that is a bamboo plant and have two sizes so that could be fun. I got a rotary cutter and a self healing mat and some rulers. Maybe i might want to do some hello kitty or pinnapple patterns as well as whatever else.


Chinese seeds

I bought all these seeds from aliexpress in china.
Its so cool you can get like anything you want.  I think i got like 50 types.  I have sprouted a number of them and havent been able to keep them alive. I have a bunch of seeds though and i want to sprout them.
Here is the list.  I also got some american ones and they totally wont sprout.  I guess i just need to focus some energy into it.

Blue daisy, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Strelitzia reginae, Clivia, Pink stripe, Orychophragmus, Fuchsia, Clematis, Forsythia, Narcissus, Lobelia, Convallaria, Christmas cactus, hibiscus, iris, antheriym, lotus, dahlia, lithops, magnolia, cypress, pampas grass, hyacinth, golden rose, hydrangea, jasmine, bluebells, cactus, mimosa, eustoma, cycas, red rose, blue rose, wisteria, blue rose, rainbow rose, camelia, datura, nopalxochia, zebra primrose, blue dragon rose, lily, hippeastrum, orange rose, calceolaria, bougainvillea, midnight rose, daisy, tulip, geranium, orchid, maroon rose, desert rose,  petunia, china mallow, lupine, coleus, wildflower, woodruff, morningglory, columbine, peony, galanthus.
American seeds

Foxglove, butterfly weed, banana tree, campanula, hollyhock, lettuce, foxglove, poppy, stevia, anchusa, basil, tomato, cleome, dill, chocolate flower, grandpa otts morning glory, eggplant habanero, clary sage.