This new material can harvest sunlight by day and release heat at night

This is so cool…it would totally solve all my emo problems with the weather and wool v acrylic.

This is also very cool…i might go further into mens fashion and these brands are pretty tight.



Getting some new stuff i have worked on this past year…quilt shawl…wool blend caps…ponchos…crochet/fair isle sweaters…recycled paper/plastic mats…net arm warmers and legwarmers.

Im really wanting to get onto swipecast this new app for modeling gigs where you dont have to go through an agent.  I guess they have it for iphone and are working on one for android.

My year was totally filled with the grunge v non grunge motiff…i did a lot of thinking about it and other kind of “youth” trends and functionality of such trends…whether they are overly trendy…what these trends are representing or trying to do.

I just started lifting weights toward the latter part of this year which is great for the fitness.  I eat primarily vegetarian. And have been wondering if i should get like a cool liquor cabinet so i can make some mixed drinks.  Whisky russian v white russian.  There are some others as well.


Xmas tree :)

Year of work

Good lawd…this year, well last xmas to be exact i started loading up on fabric for wool caps, quilts, and got all this yarn for armwarmers and sweater vests.


I got all of it done (almost) i am just teaching myself to do a fair isle pattern at this time.


For my next alcoholic beverage i want maybe whiskey…a cheap bottle.


I did a modeling gig… recycled trash fashion…with a dress i made of old sheets. ¬†Got to pose in front of a real photog.


Making tons of stuff for myself and getting xmas presents ready for sending out to family members.


So i got my rum and coke drink.  It was pretty good…got mt gay rum which i had not tried to my knowledge.  I am trying to expand my drink expertise beyond beer red or white wine. I tend to always panic trying to come up with a great mixed drink to order…having always some half formed ideas of whats the epic drink for the moment, so i started with a basic :) :)

New projects

So im working on net legwarmers and armwarmers…sewn wool hats (almost beret in type)…ponchos…and cardigans.

There has been all this trying to stop cruelty to animals on like petition sites and through peta. I have been trying really hard to partake because i dont think there should be animal testing or cruelty to animals.  I eat mostly vegetarian.  I guess peta is really researching companies that source wool and other animal products where animals are being harmed…very cool.

So i may not use wool in the future but i had already gotten what im using now before i found out that wool is like considered as bad a fur in most ways by peta. Hm.

Did you hear about impossible burger…supposedly coming to grocery stores next year…plant based burger and cheese. Wow check it out!!