I love color in fashion…so expressive.

People are almost immune to it

And the natural tones…so descriptive

And womens clothes…how can one decide what is the best positioning for colors.

Furthermore how can fabric express colors differently.

fashion and communication

The ever mercurial silver bit of infomation.  The perfect outfit for the perfect body in the correct time period.

The current makeup for the current body. As well as the best view of oneself not in the mirror.

All of these angles and attitudes make up the transference of the fashion to the viewer. Significance is communicated through meaning…mercury through the exchange of the stuff and passing through time zones becomes the exact monitor of the world spinning…from where we observe it is unknown.

Wearing fashion communicates the way the world may spin or the distance of the informations travels.

This is all very simplistic and perhaps obvious but its a great discussion.

Especially seeing that drinking is almost the new gateway drug

fashion today

So now i am trying to get a hold on what fashion is meaning today currently.

My favorite trends are

People who look they tattoo culture but have no tatts
Hair trends

All of these things I like because one, they seem pertinant to both high fashion and have connection to fashion and music and books etc.
Two I like them because they are what fashion is about—getting photoed…they show up well in obscure natural settings as well as new urban settings. And three they seem to be displaying either highly gendered Or conversly non gendered religions…totally current.. And four i dig the active wear aspect of fashion that has cropped up anywhere there is a phone.

Next coming: communication and fashion.

itis or english and american

The fine purveyor of rum at the time of gilgamesh would have no recourse to fashion of course unless they were in america looking at england or vice versa.

Since thats not the case (all of this being a historical ethnicity trip of drink v. “fashion or otherwise”) we shall look at it in terms of england on norses and americans “future americans” on town dwellings or the non boating writers of olde english (perhaps even european depending on the level of isolation that was present in terms of travel)

page two

Now having been born of the perusing south ie south america, nobody could get you and editing job…actually none to the  get your country at or from.   But rum may not have been a southern plantation and furthermore sugar cane was not your average coc puff. Which was the law that persia had been working in the americas yet without being there…condemning of course the whole nation (also a time loop for ones average common and sometimes average non urban non asiatic shall we say drunk of a “ripeness).   so the actual apriori meaning came to those that both walked and boated (jungle to belted jungle) in the deforestation patterns that those of india may have found kingly. And as the genetic information has found…those  treks were not uncommon nor misleading  on a genetic level.   So rum actually found its way possibly to to termites before to the actual woodpulp that was its predescessor.  looking at it twice  we can infer that since the dutch were somewhat obviously of the jewish ( having invented the wood (from cane) pulp) class perfidity their economic structure was most dissimilar from the speltish germans (whom also the mortals/had relegated  into an earthen debt)  and within their morbidity structures it may have been more pervasive to drink the metals –ie cook the leaf with sulphur…especially seeing as how nowadays very few people can get coca leaves from the tree much less get the dutch to run matches out of iceland or greenland.   Now tinder was another item that your average rational non/staunch nationalist would reccommend. But it was not available unless you could cut the poe or the popes nose and he stopped drinking at 7am and 12 on sundays other than  that he was the only person that would drink regularly..

this is backlog to new rum and cocaine laws

Apriori to there being a biscuit and bread law there were rum laws…outside of the roan noak whithin india…outside india being persia as district.

Seeking no metaphors the sic detective could and would only investingate thoroughally those people speaking hindi ie dutch outside customs.

Now if you see it my way….speaking if you can get of the mind that england was still at that time (in fashion) a nations capital under the circumspect that less (of an eaqual) was still (also an english distillery) more than a greater you might be considered circumspect as a capital…on the mark(germanically with the spelt grain, in purview having The Jew ish ness-T (ed)—(not executive director)…or in terms of tea cakes what one might say grey fruit…not the russian mold but um by and of seeing case of real non spelt harvest…actual wheat…outside of russia or agricultural plateaus having nothing not a thing to do with groats buckwheat or barley clover.

The interesting thing is that many of these people having no room for an urban groat (pyramid shaped natural pasta) resorted to the main staple of gardening or agriculture…mind you this was before botany and tulips…(in case WW1 ONE GOT TO YOU. the majority of historical fiction vs. Non fiction is rooted in stasis and since the persia had not actually been discovered as a land of tea obviously no body was taking the vegetable ie getting L”anded”.