ifam fashion show

I went to the IFAM fashion show yesterday and saw the coolest stuff!! It was a really great show with all these printed type of designs…upcycled…neat gear etc. Thes show was set to native american mixed techo relax step vibe and it was a great design mix of naturalescent and vibey styles.rps20150821_033112_882


These were some of the models after the show…there was guys stuff also that was totally great and cool.

IFAM is i guess a new venue of native american arts that has been sent up to coincide with the other native american festivals/shows that go on in sf in the summer.

when i first started sewing

When i first started sewing serious projects i used to like sewing in bars with a beer or on the train or in the park or outside on break from seasonal job work.

Now i really only sew inside in my apartment. When i started phader ewaw i built a rack made from stripped chinese elm branches tied together in a woven patterns and used this light frame as a shelf for my cut garments…kind of to build a work flow and stagger my efforts on the various pieces.

I made clothes and things as a kid with fabric from stores or recycled or unused things…and started knitting as a teen or whatnot…taught myself to crochet last year.

I really used to enjoy making a dress and then wearing it out that evening…now fashion and couture aint as urgent because i like to lay things aside a bit more but here and there i like to get inspired for somethin…make a dress for it and go wear the dress to that effect :)


I once found a silver coin…i was sitting on a white beach in the middle of the pacific.

I once found a gold coin…i was kneeling in a cathedral in a vast desert.

Every time i found a dollar i sent it to the u.s. through the post.

Evertyime i found a bill i framed it and hung it on my wall in my office.

Each vehicle i bought was previously owned.

Every other vehicle was new

Every vehicle i bought was new

Each other one was previously owned

The real runs were really fun…the low wheel low roof and long escapes.

The fake runs always toned the wheel casing

Just leaning back on the other vehicles of people once known. As they extend the miles in the run out.

Upon the combing of the beach.

And the shelling of time.

The salt in the hair.

And the expanse of the comb

Salt water flush

I just keep wondering what color it may be. :)

Whether this chick has the mint.

coming to the mind

Everyone may think that the mind is in the body.

Its actually its own free standing apparatus. A brilliant light.

The body may also be.

The actual brain i think is technology itself…thinking and all.

Thinking in time is technologically different than thinking in space. Perhaps.

When the mind is a brilliant light…it illuminates what it sees. Apriorly no one can find the case for the reverse to be true. So if anything were also to be lit up it would be also working on technology.

So god vs. Wittgenstein one the topics

eating as a model

5’9 10 stones…the model.

Being too tall there were chickens

Too boned there were tangents

Alone there was food.

Now from the past there was a story.

From the stars there was pattern

Bob marley was a stoner

Rastafarianism may have been greek for him

At that time (when fashion was just getting started).

Part two:
Ex deus — zeus_ walder to pieces.
She sold sax (ex deus out of pieces)

Part three:
Pirates and rum went coastal

Part four:
Snee caputed the mods (with english elves)

Part five:
Married the piano and the harpsichord

Part six:

Part seven:

Part eight:
Riced/ryced/ it to flakes

So what modern day people ended up with you know was she.

Hapsburgs did not

how the engine cranked

Without the cigars and the fried yal_e needles wined up in the tail pipe, the engine was cranked.

How you ask. Well the first step was the car. The second step was the trial run to mexico.

And years befor that was the fortified wine. So we came to realize that each move had a route.

However no one was watching so we put the newports in the manufacturing without the grease.

What i did was to get into the crypt…why you might ask…being sent to the exotics. Well i will explain to you how that shit came about.