So i got my rum and coke drink.  It was pretty good…got mt gay rum which i had not tried to my knowledge.  I am trying to expand my drink expertise beyond beer red or white wine. I tend to always panic trying to come up with a great mixed drink to order…having always some half formed ideas of whats the epic drink for the moment, so i started with a basic :) :)

New projects

So im working on net legwarmers and armwarmers…sewn wool hats (almost beret in type)…ponchos…and cardigans.

There has been all this trying to stop cruelty to animals on like petition sites and through peta. I have been trying really hard to partake because i dont think there should be animal testing or cruelty to animals.  I eat mostly vegetarian.  I guess peta is really researching companies that source wool and other animal products where animals are being harmed…very cool.

So i may not use wool in the future but i had already gotten what im using now before i found out that wool is like considered as bad a fur in most ways by peta. Hm.

Did you hear about impossible burger…supposedly coming to grocery stores next year…plant based burger and cheese. Wow check it out!!

A new thought on why fashion

Fashion describes a visual experience
a language of identifiers/emotions etc.

I just read Style mag a uk publucation. I really wanted to drop one of their lines. “The wildest trends (1980’s, folk, minimalist, granny chic) drop in September”…from the article All Change.

So cool because I think about all these trends being revivical because they are either new wave, ethnic, futurismy, artsy, craftsy. Its like so descriptive of the time…technological improvements, learning, like auxillary and digital being dialated and simplified as these forms refernce their historical signifiers and form a newer art.


Aspens changing colors




Some type of flower im growing

Took a trip up the mountains today to see the leaves changing.  Very pretty.

Wore forever 21 skirt and aliexpress sweater and top.

This flower i am growing i thought was a rose but now it looks like some type of columbine or some thing. I got all my seeds from aliexpress.  I really hope i can get this flower through the winter :).

ifam fashion show

I went to the IFAM fashion show yesterday and saw the coolest stuff!! It was a really great show with all these printed type of designs…upcycled…neat gear etc. Thes show was set to native american mixed techo relax step vibe and it was a great design mix of naturalescent and vibey styles.rps20150821_033112_882


These were some of the models after the show…there was guys stuff also that was totally great and cool.

IFAM is i guess a new venue of native american arts that has been sent up to coincide with the other native american festivals/shows that go on in sf in the summer.

when i first started sewing

When i first started sewing serious projects i used to like sewing in bars with a beer or on the train or in the park or outside on break from seasonal job work.

Now i really only sew inside in my apartment. When i started phader ewaw i built a rack made from stripped chinese elm branches tied together in a woven patterns and used this light frame as a shelf for my cut garments…kind of to build a work flow and stagger my efforts on the various pieces.

I made clothes and things as a kid with fabric from stores or recycled or unused things…and started knitting as a teen or whatnot…taught myself to crochet last year.

I really used to enjoy making a dress and then wearing it out that evening…now fashion and couture aint as urgent because i like to lay things aside a bit more but here and there i like to get inspired for somethin…make a dress for it and go wear the dress to that effect :)