Vodka and temperature

Through my adventures this winter with no heat electricity or water, i started to do some research on temperature and the history, of how its recorded.


I think i had the flu at least twice during this time due to the fact that i had no heat and couldn’t make like a tea to warm up, or hot bath. This was due to my landlord just turning the stuff off.  So i was running extremely cold and kind of in a daze.  I ended up just drinking at the bar because it was the only warm place. I drank away all my money and had to work up some deals because i was so cold in my house and had to get out asap, hacking congestion, fevers, low low internal temp etc.


I started thinking about temperature like some people think of gravity as a mobile force.  I started looking at temp in terms of alcohol and especially at vodka.  It was kind of a long term brainstorm until the spring when i could get work done and move about, as well as heal my cold/flu.


I meditated on the celsius symbol in the bar and tried to adjust to the rationalization of how cold it was in my apt, and how fridgid i was, how much could i take.


What i have assesed is there may be some connection to stabilization of liquids when its really cold and liquor doesnt freeze so, i ended up getting some and drinking it with some friends downtown. And later after a thaw (or after i got a deal selling some of my smudge sticks) was gotten back with some whiskey which was a god send.



Birthday celebration at bouche

So it was my birthday recently on the ninth of april and i went out to dinner with my parents and grandmother. I wore these lace white shorts which i made off a pattern on pinterest and a light blue shirt and something over the shirt, see photo.

It was pretty fun. I got foie gras because i forgot it was not kind to ducks/geese. The waiter recommended it:) my dad declined and i remembered that it was not kewl to animals, oh well i was fairly fried from signing petitions for animals and my primarily vegetarian diet. The appetizer was good, though everybodies appetite seemed to go down a notch, we got plenty of wine (more than one glass for the celebration), and as i remember my father and waiter discussed the possibility or wisdom of not getting three menu items that were organ meet.

Im not certain what i ordered and i do know that we got bread pudding and port for dessert. After this we went to another venue where two south african guys were signing, pianoing, and uprightbasing renditions of les miserables. This moved into requests, quite great and loud and live. We got some champagne and later a beer. My grandmother got a scotch and i think went to sleep or at least put her head down.
This place is called vanessie, and they have a great cocktail menu, all handcrafted cocktails where you choose your liquor to add to the cocktail.
They are like thirteen and i have studied they way you tip on these drinks is 20 percent rather than your average one buck per beer. Maybe i will break out of my under three buck per drink sometime and budget 15$ for an hour or what.

Sage smudge sticks

I started selling some if my sage smudge sticks in a store, Sprout Home, in brooklyn ny.


I have a really big crop coming up this year because i have been transplanting it for years, since practically i moved into where i live now.


Im so happy because it might provide me some extra cash for beer or whatnot.

Below 90 on vodka

So i know i havent been posting for a while…has anyone heard about model mayhem…i guess people are doing really sucessful with that.

I met a girl who met her economic needs by doing that and woofing…and just camped out and traveled around…how exciting.

I tried to get a collection into a store out here…santa fe. Through cold/flu, having no electricity, water, or gas (heat etc) i got my items to the store (felt like 90 below), and then talked to the merchandiser who was like your shit is not up to our quality standards…and i was like yea well its a matter of personal taste if you dont like couture. He was like we dont see ourselves doing anything for womens products or board fashion or anything female at all.

So i said well i will just come get my stuff…local board shop beyond waves…obviously i never shopped there anyway…their loss…sad for them.

This new material can harvest sunlight by day and release heat at night

This is so cool…it would totally solve all my emo problems with the weather and wool v acrylic.

This is also very cool…i might go further into mens fashion and these brands are pretty tight.



Getting some new stuff i have worked on this past year…quilt shawl…wool blend caps…ponchos…crochet/fair isle sweaters…recycled paper/plastic mats…net arm warmers and legwarmers.

Im really wanting to get onto swipecast this new app for modeling gigs where you dont have to go through an agent.  I guess they have it for iphone and are working on one for android.

My year was totally filled with the grunge v non grunge motiff…i did a lot of thinking about it and other kind of “youth” trends and functionality of such trends…whether they are overly trendy…what these trends are representing or trying to do.

I just started lifting weights toward the latter part of this year which is great for the fitness.  I eat primarily vegetarian. And have been wondering if i should get like a cool liquor cabinet so i can make some mixed drinks.  Whisky russian v white russian.  There are some others as well.


Xmas tree:)