the joys of online marketing

So i have bee trying to sell handmade clothing on etsy for the past year…etsy is cool but nothing has been sold…so i want to do wordpress and use pay pal…trying to focus on covering my production costs etc…

I think this solution will be better because it give me lmore creative lea way to describe my creative process and i wont have to pay the 20 cents per listing which every three months leaves me broke with no money for cigarettes…kind of depressing…

I have spent the last year in production so hopefully i will have some pictures up soon enough and get some sales so i can order some cool yarn i already have picked out…from a new york city shop…super deals and wonderful colors…hopefully i will acheive an asian asthetic.

And i can put up some pics of my original artwork graffitti tag that has been reproduced o synthetic papery plastic and sewn into the garments…some of which are made out of sheets purchased at thrift stores and some of which is made out of fabric from fabric stores.

I am constantly coming up with new designs and new asthetics so iam happy yo share my crrstivity with you.

I also want to keep updating my tag art skills and update my clothing line tag…i want to do a second tag on bamboo fabric…i get them printed in florida…thee bamboo tags look very rising sun esque.

All of my design ideas come from how i want a garmentto look, simpliciyy of design to manufacture and to look at, what ideas i get from a fabric and how much quantitity i have, flexibility of motion and things like pockets u can put stuff in that won’t empty themselves of their contents if they turned upsidedown…for me it is about the economy of the customer and how i can provide this type of service…an artsy clothing or jewelry, refined,smart and cool

Some times i use shapes like triangles in my design or in trying to think spacially sbout say a collar or a waistband in turning a flat fabric into a 3d clothing item

But i am always looking for new and exciting ways to turn my mind inside out and around in fact thst is one of the reasons i have started this business.


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