starting from scratch

i wanted to blog a little bit about how i got started on phader ewaw. it has been quite interesting and definately a start from scratch.

ever since graduating from college in ’06 (ba in environmental studies, minor in writing and poetics) practically have i wanted my own business, and probably before that as well.

i started out wanting to do a quilting company. that didn’t happen just because of life and timing but eventually, after a short stint at a fabric store, i got it in me to make and design clothing.

i got started by cutting a couple old sets of sheets into pieces for pants, jackets, shorts skirts and dresses. then i realized i needed a tag for my label. i originally thought i could cut out plastic bags and melt them onto fabric in my toaster (one of my more creative ideas). instead i found a label maker in the states, drew out my artwork and sent it in.

meanwhile i had purchased a bunch of yarn to start making legwarmers, then moved on to armwarmers and then hats.

i found some cheap ways to buy fabrics through sales etc and linens at thrift stores for my creations. i also learned about synthetic indigo and used some skills picked up at a dye shop apprenticeship to pep up some old fabs.

starting from scratch is great…it has become a very easy way for me to view my inventory and manage my workflow. i am a first time business owner and i’ve realized that my own common sense is pretty good at navigating business.

i can utilize common materials and turn them into very meaningful fashion items. i waste very little time or material in my manufacturing and can offer a nice green product to customers looking for something manufactured on a small scale.

starting a fashion label from scratch is awesome…i can put all my creative juices into my product knowing that it is fashion. i havent had to court investors, fly to china, coup calvin klein or anything else. i just make what i think is high fashion, street fashion to people now. i think what dress will get someone into the poshest club in the world and make a cultural, beauty, fashion statement.


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