acrylic vs. wool

the differences between knitting with wool vs acrylic are somewhat small and somewhat large depending on how you look at it. a quarter to a third of my stuff is made with wool, the other is with acrylic. my hats armwarmers and legwarmers with bright solids are acrylic and the softer toned ones are wool.

working with wool is great. i found some super soft wool to work with. the color permutations are really one of the greatest loves of mine with wool. the fiber takes a rich variety of dye tones. wool is super warm and lightweight…being an animal fiber, the consistency of the fiber is very earthy.


working with acrylic is also great. the yarn is usually very even and the colors can be super bright and rich. i tend to think that acrylic can be as warm or warmer than wool but that is partially due to the yarn thickness. both the acrylic and wool that i worked with are very soft and smooth making the knitting also smooth.



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