designing clothes

designing clothes is awesome. one can utilize all their sensibilities in terms of their desires for the ultimate cool. every piece of clothes will have a certain look that it is trying to fit into or a pinnacle of expression to acheive.

to design clothes its easy to mix up style with fads or trendiness. trendiness is fantastic but i think it just happens out of the blue. so to design a garment i really like to delve into a style that incorporates trends (like most youth or fashion bites do) but do a little bit of background research or imagination into what the style i am going for means for a person or a group.

at this stage i can put a good bit of magic into my mind about what is cool about the style and refine it for the garments use or the wearers desires. i think about durability for the partiers, practicality for the fashion bomber (who might be inclined to share their taste and are used to trendsetting and the adrenaline accompanied), and good looks for the perfect.

so i think about all of that when planning garments, how to will fit and what edges to push, where to accent features and where to let the garment speak


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