managing recycled fabrics

some of my fabrics are recycled meaning they are old sheets or pillow cases from thriftstores or castoffs. i use these as well as store boughts because they are interesting to me as fabric. oftentimes they have colors or patterns i couldn’t have gotten elsewhere and/or they have a nice look of wear to them which i often appreciate in a piece of clothing.

so i just wash them and treat it as any other fabric. in one case i was able to do a synthetic indigo dye (indigo is usually a natural product often made uric acid so the synthetic was quite a bit easier).

it is kind of fun…i take out all the elastic from the sheets and trimming and seams. i use to flat bits for clothes and even the trimming and strips of seams for clothes.

i do this just to repurpose a waste stream where i can. i also like going to the thrift store as opposed to the fabric store or sourcing online. it is just as exciting as the fabric store and i feel its my bit to reuse where possible. the price overall is about comparable depending what i find or buy.


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