workflow in industry

so i wanted to talk a little about workflow in industry. the main point of the article will be to demonstrate how to task a job for production. it is important to assess each job and create a manageable way to navigate through each step.

i generally plan for myself (ie my abilities and creative genesis or generation of creative juices, energy and actual work). the ability to stay working for the longer time frame is important when planning due to the nature of my planning.

if i plan my design (mentally), physically cut them out and then arrange them, i can actually spend more of my time sewing and can visualize/plan my design while i am “doing other things” i find this gives me greater capacity to work without second guessing and i can sew for many hours.

as a very small scale productionist…thinking about workflow enables me to actually manufacture a product whereas otherwise i would be overcharging for an artistic version of my capacities as an artist. (at least for me my capacities in art would change since the actual creation time would.)

now by inspiration from this workflow art has been added because the cost comes to take effect . and so working i have gained the inspiration to see art value. half of small scale production is finished product and needing things in order is one step as well as neat so plays into the brand as it can evolve. and this in tune to if the inspiration drives it or the actual derivatives of art vs mechanie otherwise known as fashion.


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