symetry vs asymetry

asymentry vs. symetry is a great topic to discuss when talking about designing. as far as the art and craft of my work a lot of the symetry and asymetry comes in in the actual structure and in the coloring or light and dark materials.

when i work through the garment i think a lot about amount of fabric (trying to make things light in weight quite often). symetry is great because it is a great equalizer and works a lot with the body structure as a symetrical being the same on both sides of a vertical plane. this is great for drawing the eyes to the hips.

asymetry connects a lot with the face from the side for me or the sillouette from the side. this is why i love asymmetry in my horizontal stripes (stripes of varying sizes or in a non repetetive pattern) also in the structure of some of my garments using the rule of thirds to “patch” obscure rectangles for a nice variation on sides.

so overall both symmetry and asymetry contribute to to motion of the eye or the add or highlighting a curve or line of motion within the wearer or garment and i use color and seaming to indicate this


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