accessorizing attachments and closures

accessorizing attachments and closures for garments is really fun. each item is different and may require a different style of tie, button, or zipper. i think of these items as accessories because they totally change the feeling and style of a garment the way jewelry or other accessories do.

i have the most fun with this by thinking how i can most wisely use the fabric and design to provide the best fit, most subtle yet easy access for dressing, and still keep it couture. (couture often means tailored for a specific fit).

depending on the garment, buttons or ties can be used to secure on a body if a small gap is ok design-wise. in other cases where a total connection is needed (like on some of my shirts) a zipper becomes the choice. i aso ise cloth buttons as an option to sinch up some of my skirts and dress as well as ties to give the option to wear them shorter.

these different closure accessories add a variety to the look where otherwise it may not be so intended. just as jewelry, a belt or a scarf can highlight features of a garment or pick up colors to stand out, closures add a personality and style to help bring out the fit and nature of the garments.


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