sourcing fabric

sourcing fabric is one of the funnest things about making clothes. i love being able to sort through different fabrics or fabric sources…looking at everything for different inspiration or patterns or favorites.

i wanted to make my business green from the get go so i decided to try to use a lot of recycled fabric. i love being able to go to the thrift store and get old sheets and pillow cases etc. there are some really great patterns and the fabrics are like already pre-aged.

another good source is alibaba fabric. they are awesome for fabric and have extremely cheap wholesale deals. their fashion fabric has a lot of tasteful morsels to find. i got mine through aliexpress which is not wholesale (ie 100 and up yards).

new fabric is really great too. the selection is quite large and easily accesible for the shopper quite often online. it is so great to get new fresh fabric to work with. sale fabrics are great because they aren’t what your general sewer is after so always a stylistic boost and window to coming fashions.

working between these three types a fabs is great…for sourcing you can look at price newness and immediacy of product. so designing becomes a real art of explanation of fashion …one of the reasons why people enjoy fashion so much because of the fabric available. 🙂


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