fitting couture

couture fashion is a lot of times primarily about the fit of the clothes. part of couture…some say is like a hands on fitting, thus modeling on the runway it individually tailored and hand fit dresses and things. i am not totally sure this is actually what couture is about but it seems to fascinate the mind and draw attention to the runway models and clothes.

in general fashion and fit are so conjoined because of the constant innovation that goes on with the human form and how to accentuate its beauty functionality form etc. people are evolving constantly (ie what humans are do why or why not etc) so fashion expresses those trends…especially when it comes to fit and the way the garment fit is the expose of the human trend.

in my clothes and knits i generally make it like a one size that about anyone could fit into and i have been fascinated by the way the straight line garments fit. i like them because one can see the differences between the body and the garment…as apposed to the tighter garments that accentuate the curves or are curved themselves. but since i do use knits and knits this curve is acheived as well.


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