construction of garments

the construction of garments is important for a lot of reasons and in a lot of ways. the durability design and style will all be shown in the construction. i like to think about my garment construction in terms of how it will be worn, what the construction will do for the overall feel and how i can make it interesting and manageable for the wearer.

if the construction is good the garment will be durable. meaning if the sewing and knitting thread is tied off and not loose…the product will not unravel. each piece is in place properly and the hems are designed with that in mind. this contributes to the style…my clothes arent like wearing a sheet of plastic that will rip through…they are all handcrafted items.

depending on how the garment will be worn effects the construction a lot. if the item will be worn every day or to special events….street wear or home wear…those will all effect how its constructed and how then it will be worn. construction is a great topic for the real fashion obsessed because it gives a sense of how the clothes were made…factory or whatnot…handsewn or whatnot. this gives each item a specific feel. i make my stuff at home but i work as if its a factory. everything is done by hand, so this contributes to the asthetic. and i really feel this construction connects the wearer to the garment in a good way…the item is fashionable noteworthy (and may be a conversation piece) but is relatively humble and suitable.


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