shopping and fashion

One of my favorite topics is the connection between shopping and fashion…why…because of what one wears when going to the store. i love going in a place and seeing what people wear. i just stood in line next to two monks wearing robes. some of the other fashion items were like sweaters and things. sometimes i notice more than others what people are wearing…blogging about it has proven to be fun.

But i mean…i buy clothes to go to the store in…usually the grocery store…but also totally fun to dress up to go clothes shopping and such…wear an iconic peice to maintain your best sense of judgement…something casual so not to be distracted and forget what you need. Or a special label to fit in with people who wear it as well.

Very certain shopping is a place to wear fashion or express yourself through clothing and being seen even if your favorite fashion is the non fashion non locus look. And perhaps for the more practical it may be dressing to blend in and not stand out…stay warm and on your feet…be bright and pleasant…my thoughts


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