art deco etc

I am reading this book that seems to be having some art deco themes…and i wanted to write about how that relates to fashion. each piece of fashion is going to relate to different art categories in different ways and for different reasons according to ones interpretation on social scale. art deco is definately a theme…sometimes of architecture but descriptively of really anything that maintains those characteristics.

Other themes… Practical art…art noveau….high art…romantic art…prehistoric art…modernist…deconstructionist…acid test art etc. how does fashion relate to these types of art. is the fashion meant to gain access into the museum of shall the fashion become to museum. is the fashion meant to be part of the stage or to set the stage.

I love to hear about this because fashion…especially on the runway is quite visual and objective but it is fun to think about how the fashion of the experience is demonstrated and what that does for the wearer.


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