fashion of the ages

One of the things i have started to really love is how fashion can take bits and pieces from all the ages. it seems to go in waves accessing different segments of interesting historical era or particular geographical demographic. as if the fashion industry conspires to take us out of our time or place and experience a new life.

Fashion takes english jackets and tweeds, asian kimonos etc etc. for me sometime it is almost dress up…or could be. What is the point and why. What is the art that does this sampling of cultural information.

Obviously its just the look…but why does our eye gravitate to these designs…is it beauty, or is it ever just a political sentiment with that specific time or place. Does fashion have to sell itself as an experience, does it have to mold the viewer more than just through the eye.

And why does this art recycle/repurpose so effectively. is it to draw new trains of creativity through the designer so as to access something totally new…with a certain feeling, an era of grace, state of mind etc.


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