why this way

So during my time sewing as a couture dress-maker, garment-maker i have come to find myself getting to knowhow to make these garments work on their own.

I just love couture because it is hand sewn and in this case hand patterened. getting the garment feel and “cast” is like nothing else when doing this process.

Because couture is known as a lined garment…i had to take real creative license when choosing to make things unlined. i feel like couture often is about how the body is under the outer layer or design. i feel that inmodern day couture unlined garments are just as couture because of the way the body is positioned to be unlayered…in fashion.

As some of the modern lingerie is more of a fashion statement rather than a couture accessorie…i figured layers are fine however the modern dresser is more likely to do this layering as choice or creative attiring rather than the dressmaker.

This is very much the fun of life due to the fact that our clothing choices are innumerable, the figure is exquisite and the under garment/lining can be positioned or not by the wearer.

When assesing this process ii find that it is not an economic perfunction but really more of a way to connectthe visual aspect to the personal style, not simply a layered dress but a way to access that mode…ie couture/fashion as an irresistable interactionwith multiple garments.


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