hand sewing and strength

Starting this business has been a really interesting foray into hand sewing. i have always been a fan of handsewing…i think of it more craftly than persay machine sewing. this may be an artistic call may be a bias.

I have never invested that much money into machine sewing and most of the machines i was given or bought ended up malfunctioning past the point of my ability to fix them at the time.

Handsewing has worked for me in quilting as well as in my avant garde clothes making. i have had some concern about the strength of the stitching and whether it will hold up under wear etc.

Let me explain my assessment of the strength of a handsewn garment, as it was a concern for me…perhaps the shopper has similar predication.

I have worn a few of phader ewaw designs both with them ripping and with them not ripping. usually they rip if i wear them very tight and not if i wear them loose. i also find this with clothing i buy that is manufactured..even expensive stuff…sometimes garments will rip even on first wearing…sometimes not from being too tight.

But some of the stuff won’t rip that easily that is hansewn and can be worn pretty tight. i guess all clothing requires a certain amount of handle couture or not.

Phader ewaw does not seem to be less strong structurally than other brands and certainly because its handmade some mass production type mistakes are avoided. though if seam rips do occur they can be fixed very easily with a thread and needle, which is nice.


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