so i have been thinking

Well you know it takes a lot of time and effort to get to where i have gotten. A lot of people i have wronged because they were assholes. moreover a lot of personal issues have been left unresolved due to time warps.

I dont mean for you know people in fucking st. Louis to think they have E nough acid to believe they are or was contingent. But…

It looks as though fashion has become the only economical contingency left in the plan b. plan a was meant to be just a lead but the key personalities were not as we should say ecologically super.

Now it would not be in my purview to accessories the wordiness it take to methout a t shirt but too bad for meth abuse…honestly do coke heads speak like that and furthermore what would fucking reagan the president have said about their south but north west speak. Jesus christ and his thorny west kike (non personal term and not referencing the type of thorny crown it would take to impersonalize that reference)

Was it just a new turn pike . here i thought all the asiatics were winning just for the sake that i could get the lead out of the pipes.

Anyways we have come to the point….and that is that the father or the mother were not mind you in fucking st. Loius getting their piece “arrested”

Furthermore there is nothing left to say for the families that actually were killing their slots on quarters. even plurally the insults were indicative that Fucking Elvis was not racially in their transistor so to have wasted so much time attacking the jesus sarcophogas with and undreaded lead piece most factually could have lead the false rosicrucian to the virtual actuality that their foundedness was and furthermore shall be that uh they really did not uh own the uh idea.

Now i know that you ought to say that these types of metaphors are unlicensed…and well they aren’t that fucked in the purview honestly you could do a lot lot worse…even cash the monkey may have yourse aquitted into the five house. But if i could speak more liberally about the atualy lead pipes under the pews well scotch jews would have you the atual reader literally uploaded into point…being that fashion was having where wall street merket Was giving…perhaps only to flying ants…not the metaphorical witchcraft ants which have been made obsolete to and witholding from due process alone by which only and perhaps mostly would the south have been possibly made available to gents of that which was both shoe and horn…or people that could not get fashion…even in italy.

So having said that the south is pointing to the tea cakes is not just as relevant as say had the south not been pointing much less alluding to the having been-ness of the tea cake…actual people may of been notified that the ants they’d seen had wing of and there which may have gotten by the point that the sword also winged would not have or there which in by gotten fashion. Now a pointed gentelman toe would not interpret fashion in this ilk because of the law being as one would say having more or in current /upmode terms as less than…in purview more than say central customs of any import company


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