this is backlog to new rum and cocaine laws

Apriori to there being a biscuit and bread law there were rum laws…outside of the roan noak whithin india…outside india being persia as district.

Seeking no metaphors the sic detective could and would only investingate thoroughally those people speaking hindi ie dutch outside customs.

Now if you see it my way….speaking if you can get of the mind that england was still at that time (in fashion) a nations capital under the circumspect that less (of an eaqual) was still (also an english distillery) more than a greater you might be considered circumspect as a capital…on the mark(germanically with the spelt grain, in purview having The Jew ish ness-T (ed)—(not executive director)…or in terms of tea cakes what one might say grey fruit…not the russian mold but um by and of seeing case of real non spelt harvest…actual wheat…outside of russia or agricultural plateaus having nothing not a thing to do with groats buckwheat or barley clover.

The interesting thing is that many of these people having no room for an urban groat (pyramid shaped natural pasta) resorted to the main staple of gardening or agriculture…mind you this was before botany and tulips…(in case WW1 ONE GOT TO YOU. the majority of historical fiction vs. Non fiction is rooted in stasis and since the persia had not actually been discovered as a land of tea obviously no body was taking the vegetable ie getting L”anded”.


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