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Now having been born of the perusing south ie south america, nobody could get you and editing job…actually none to the  get your country at or from.   But rum may not have been a southern plantation and furthermore sugar cane was not your average coc puff. Which was the law that persia had been working in the americas yet without being there…condemning of course the whole nation (also a time loop for ones average common and sometimes average non urban non asiatic shall we say drunk of a “ripeness).   so the actual apriori meaning came to those that both walked and boated (jungle to belted jungle) in the deforestation patterns that those of india may have found kingly. And as the genetic information has found…those  treks were not uncommon nor misleading  on a genetic level.   So rum actually found its way possibly to to termites before to the actual woodpulp that was its predescessor.  looking at it twice  we can infer that since the dutch were somewhat obviously of the jewish ( having invented the wood (from cane) pulp) class perfidity their economic structure was most dissimilar from the speltish germans (whom also the mortals/had relegated  into an earthen debt)  and within their morbidity structures it may have been more pervasive to drink the metals –ie cook the leaf with sulphur…especially seeing as how nowadays very few people can get coca leaves from the tree much less get the dutch to run matches out of iceland or greenland.   Now tinder was another item that your average rational non/staunch nationalist would reccommend. But it was not available unless you could cut the poe or the popes nose and he stopped drinking at 7am and 12 on sundays other than  that he was the only person that would drink regularly..


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