eating as a model

5’9 10 stones…the model.

Being too tall there were chickens

Too boned there were tangents

Alone there was food.

Now from the past there was a story.

From the stars there was pattern

Bob marley was a stoner

Rastafarianism may have been greek for him

At that time (when fashion was just getting started).

Part two:
Ex deus — zeus_ walder to pieces.
She sold sax (ex deus out of pieces)

Part three:
Pirates and rum went coastal

Part four:
Snee caputed the mods (with english elves)

Part five:
Married the piano and the harpsichord

Part six:

Part seven:

Part eight:
Riced/ryced/ it to flakes

So what modern day people ended up with you know was she.

Hapsburgs did not


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