I once found a silver coin…i was sitting on a white beach in the middle of the pacific.

I once found a gold coin…i was kneeling in a cathedral in a vast desert.

Every time i found a dollar i sent it to the u.s. through the post.

Evertyime i found a bill i framed it and hung it on my wall in my office.

Each vehicle i bought was previously owned.

Every other vehicle was new

Every vehicle i bought was new

Each other one was previously owned

The real runs were really fun…the low wheel low roof and long escapes.

The fake runs always toned the wheel casing

Just leaning back on the other vehicles of people once known. As they extend the miles in the run out.

Upon the combing of the beach.

And the shelling of time.

The salt in the hair.

And the expanse of the comb

Salt water flush

I just keep wondering what color it may be. 🙂

Whether this chick has the mint.


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