Getting some new stuff i have worked on this past year…quilt shawl…wool blend caps…ponchos…crochet/fair isle sweaters…recycled paper/plastic mats…net arm warmers and legwarmers.

Im really wanting to get onto swipecast this new app for modeling gigs where you dont have to go through an agent.  I guess they have it for iphone and are working on one for android.

My year was totally filled with the grunge v non grunge motiff…i did a lot of thinking about it and other kind of “youth” trends and functionality of such trends…whether they are overly trendy…what these trends are representing or trying to do.

I just started lifting weights toward the latter part of this year which is great for the fitness.  I eat primarily vegetarian. And have been wondering if i should get like a cool liquor cabinet so i can make some mixed drinks.  Whisky russian v white russian.  There are some others as well.


Xmas tree 🙂



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