Below 90 on vodka

So i know i havent been posting for a while…has anyone heard about model mayhem…i guess people are doing really sucessful with that.

I met a girl who met her economic needs by doing that and woofing…and just camped out and traveled around…how exciting.

I tried to get a collection into a store out here…santa fe. Through cold/flu, having no electricity, water, or gas (heat etc) i got my items to the store (felt like 90 below), and then talked to the merchandiser who was like your shit is not up to our quality standards…and i was like yea well its a matter of personal taste if you dont like couture. He was like we dont see ourselves doing anything for womens products or board fashion or anything female at all.

So i said well i will just come get my stuff…local board shop beyond waves…obviously i never shopped there anyway…their loss…sad for them.


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