Vodka and temperature

Through my adventures this winter with no heat electricity or water, i started to do some research on temperature and the history, of how its recorded.


I think i had the flu at least twice during this time due to the fact that i had no heat and couldn’t make like a tea to warm up, or hot bath. This was due to my landlord just turning the stuff off.  So i was running extremely cold and kind of in a daze.  I ended up just drinking at the bar because it was the only warm place. I drank away all my money and had to work up some deals because i was so cold in my house and had to get out asap, hacking congestion, fevers, low low internal temp etc.


I started thinking about temperature like some people think of gravity as a mobile force.  I started looking at temp in terms of alcohol and especially at vodka.  It was kind of a long term brainstorm until the spring when i could get work done and move about, as well as heal my cold/flu.


I meditated on the celsius symbol in the bar and tried to adjust to the rationalization of how cold it was in my apt, and how fridgid i was, how much could i take.


What i have assesed is there may be some connection to stabilization of liquids when its really cold and liquor doesnt freeze so, i ended up getting some and drinking it with some friends downtown. And later after a thaw (or after i got a deal selling some of my smudge sticks) was gotten back with some whiskey which was a god send.




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