So i thought i would go into menswear since i have forayed into fashion through womens fashion, on whole.

And since that occupied many years of my study and occupation, now i would like to unlock any barriers i have had in doing fashion as a whole, so that i may create mens clothing, meaning i did not foray into the mens branches of clothing before this tome unentirely speaking about pants and jackets, perhaps in the phader ewaw style, classic.

What this entails for me, will of course jawing at the couture needle so i can mix up this area for me in my head, creativity comes really fast and so how much faster you must be than yourself to create a fast and operational classic suit works (at a really fast pace) really going to be fast.

Fun, just have to locate the fabrics and find if they will work for rock stars, for womens wear, i just pretended to be kristi alley, now i have no clue, and jawing at the future could be fun for helping me locate these fabrics, what type of investments i can barter for at this time.


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