Getting a handle.

All kinds of alcohol

And all people in their dear try of having just tax and bowling bags.

So i wanted to make a post about my experiences with drinking out of the handle. And the cross reference of having to haul water from a pump next door ( where vandals have not taken the handle).

Once i got a vodka handle and laid in the sun to relax just taking some slams here and there and listened to music in my bikini.  I have to put it behind a cement block because i though my name mom was going to come catch me for some reason. She didnt.
These kids were hanging out by the grocery store trying to get money for a handle, and eventually got the money, some of it was from selling cigarettes to me, maybe a dollar a piece. Then one kid took off with the money and left his backpack, then didnt come back and i left as well. Not sure to f he came back.
I had got my water shut off because the landlord bailed out completely and had to find a water source, so eventually realized there was a pump next door and the peeps had just moved out.  Eventually the real estate lady caught me and anyway she felt bad for my situation and said it was fine 🙂
I also placed a handle of whiskey at a neighbors house, im sure he already drank it and he paid for it and anyway i thought it was a pretty good idea.


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