Sage plants

So i’ve growing these sage plants for the past couple years.  I have grown them from root stock over the past few years and they keep doubling through my work at getting them to grow in a patch where they can expand.
Actualy i discovered them at my apartment because my grandmother discovered them after having been oblivious to their presence. Id been renting for like two years and then realized the gold mine i was in, for no reason at all. Then i just began to propogate the species and make smudge sticks.

At all just harvesting contstanly and re propogating has kept them within a clean metaphor.
Of course i only started to make money off them as i was beginning to get the landlord declaredly evicted and my own serfdom declared (monetarily) aas an income.
So love these plants as they cant cut me from my riches nor twill me from the year i spent in nyc looking for buffalo sage or the year i spent studying the ancient plants of the most quested after.


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