Chinese seeds

I bought all these seeds from aliexpress in china.
Its so cool you can get like anything you want.  I think i got like 50 types.  I have sprouted a number of them and havent been able to keep them alive. I have a bunch of seeds though and i want to sprout them.
Here is the list.  I also got some american ones and they totally wont sprout.  I guess i just need to focus some energy into it.

Blue daisy, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Strelitzia reginae, Clivia, Pink stripe, Orychophragmus, Fuchsia, Clematis, Forsythia, Narcissus, Lobelia, Convallaria, Christmas cactus, hibiscus, iris, antheriym, lotus, dahlia, lithops, magnolia, cypress, pampas grass, hyacinth, golden rose, hydrangea, jasmine, bluebells, cactus, mimosa, eustoma, cycas, red rose, blue rose, wisteria, blue rose, rainbow rose, camelia, datura, nopalxochia, zebra primrose, blue dragon rose, lily, hippeastrum, orange rose, calceolaria, bougainvillea, midnight rose, daisy, tulip, geranium, orchid, maroon rose, desert rose,  petunia, china mallow, lupine, coleus, wildflower, woodruff, morningglory, columbine, peony, galanthus.
American seeds

Foxglove, butterfly weed, banana tree, campanula, hollyhock, lettuce, foxglove, poppy, stevia, anchusa, basil, tomato, cleome, dill, chocolate flower, grandpa otts morning glory, eggplant habanero, clary sage.


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