Beer and music

I’ve been writing all these music lyrics, mostly so i could have an excuse to go to the bar and get something done as well as drink.
Its a pretty good practice when i keep my handwriting legible and still interesting when theres nothing to write and i cant read what my hand is putting down.
I can write about pirate terms, nautical operations, led zepplin descriptions.  I put down like ten philosphical topics, made album titles, song titles, and key terms.  I have writen a lot, thought a lot about musical ‘loops’ through time and space as well as cultural and philosphical base for these patterns (abstractly of course).
I think about beer goggles, fish eyes, ipa and the war for the queen (usually an elephant), beer wreaths, weight of pints etc.
I wanted what i write to be really mathy ‘mineral metal’ instead of heavy metal, like more earthy.  I just put on my head phones and see what i learn from the beer. Now though i have turned to ballet and may want to write some separate pieces for like dancing to,