Liquor cabinet

This is a “topcho” i made for spring which didnt load until now.  It was super easy to make and is wonderfully warm. I reccomend making one.  I crocheted it and only kind of followed a pattern.
Anyway i wanted to blog about this liquor cabinet that i made out of paper mache and cardboard.  I did two layers of cardboard and taped it together on the edges.  I did a couple layers of paper mache (flour and water) and painted the outside.  I did like ten layers of cardboard for the shelf inside.  Its held three bottles one half full and i think it could hold a few more, all i need.
It has a tray on top for glasses etc and a bottom shelf for whatever.  I used a super heavy cardboard shim on the cabinet to latch the door closed as it twists horizontally because it is attached with a screw.
I also varnished it.