phader ewaw is a clothing and jewelry business.  my dream was to create hand sewn clothing out of recycled fabric.  i have a degree in environmental studies with a minor in writing and poetics.

i wanted to create a business with a small carbon footprint and utilize my own creativity as a small business where i can manifest all of these creations with goods available to me…fabric, leather, wire, clay, pleather, old blankets etc.


Helen de Give
505-577-7132      helendegive@gmail.com    

Work Experience

Phader Ewaw-Santa Fe, NM
*online marketing-web design, content management
*modeling-self stylist, outfit coordination *product design-fabric sourcing, design/purchase tags
*product manufacturing-knitting, sewing, jewelry craft

Joann Fabric and Craft-Santa Fe, NM *measure and cut fabric- exactitude of cut,
end of bolt, remnant management,
waste record
*store recovery-restore items to spot *planograms-installation of new products
and new store sections
*merchandising-arrange products
*cash register-customer service, answer phones  

Ski Santa Fe-Santa Fe, NM
*take pass photos-season pass programs *process orders-tickets, large groups, phone orders, mailing orders
*print ski passes-lamination machine  

Sprout Home-Brooklyn, NY
*garden installation-plant gardens,
consult garden design, transport plants around NYC
*sales/plant instructions-plant needs, packaging, transportation/
calling cabs etc
*stocking/sourcing/ordering- product sourcing, receive shipments, monitor inventory  

Ocelot-San Francisco, CA
*sourcing fabric-inquiries with fabric purveyors
*dying fabric/mordant fabric-set up dye
bath, manage burners, post dye bath laundry *folding fabric
*batch/tagging fabric for sew/dye  

Neighborhood Parks Council-San Francisco, CA
*email blasts-graphics creation, direct mail *gala event-event publicizing, volunteer management, food prep
and service
*computer network-fundraising,
*catalog publications-meeting minutes, tableing
*web 2.0



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