Sage plants

So i’ve growing these sage plants for the past couple years.  I have grown them from root stock over the past few years and they keep doubling through my work at getting them to grow in a patch where they can expand.
Actualy i discovered them at my apartment because my grandmother discovered them after having been oblivious to their presence. Id been renting for like two years and then realized the gold mine i was in, for no reason at all. Then i just began to propogate the species and make smudge sticks.

At all just harvesting contstanly and re propogating has kept them within a clean metaphor.
Of course i only started to make money off them as i was beginning to get the landlord declaredly evicted and my own serfdom declared (monetarily) aas an income.
So love these plants as they cant cut me from my riches nor twill me from the year i spent in nyc looking for buffalo sage or the year i spent studying the ancient plants of the most quested after.

Getting a handle.

All kinds of alcohol

And all people in their dear try of having just tax and bowling bags.

So i wanted to make a post about my experiences with drinking out of the handle. And the cross reference of having to haul water from a pump next door ( where vandals have not taken the handle).

Once i got a vodka handle and laid in the sun to relax just taking some slams here and there and listened to music in my bikini.  I have to put it behind a cement block because i though my name mom was going to come catch me for some reason. She didnt.
These kids were hanging out by the grocery store trying to get money for a handle, and eventually got the money, some of it was from selling cigarettes to me, maybe a dollar a piece. Then one kid took off with the money and left his backpack, then didnt come back and i left as well. Not sure to f he came back.
I had got my water shut off because the landlord bailed out completely and had to find a water source, so eventually realized there was a pump next door and the peeps had just moved out.  Eventually the real estate lady caught me and anyway she felt bad for my situation and said it was fine 🙂
I also placed a handle of whiskey at a neighbors house, im sure he already drank it and he paid for it and anyway i thought it was a pretty good idea.

How to wear legwarmers

Why does every chick tell you should smoke weed rather than wine. Rather than smoking their own personal joints (stolen from from their estranged, boyfriend of a polish national) or ( or their pipe from their magnificent techlological sorispawall, and no one will use it )  🙂

However wine is a perscibed antidote for narcicissm, and is way beyond husbandry and urbanism, as if all suburban whores can find money in a urban advancee.

Now wine is about honey for those who wont take caps.  And for the caps about those who whon’t take a wine, but i think its further than that. That people are having a reverb and revivance about people that are actually in existance

Trying to sell knit goods

Selling and trying to sell knit goods has been an awesome experience thus far.  I started doing it just because it seemed easy for me to sell my work that had been designed and created by me.

Knitting also has a huge background just in spatial thinking and i have plugged all of this thinking into my approach to selling, its kind of a fashion sell as well due to the fact that trends constantly change or update, sometimes knit logic is technologically insightful and enlightening about what the fashion industry is doing for society.

Furthermore the material involved can mean different things at different markets, so the selling of it inherently brings a lot of aspects of this fashion in to the creation fashion through selling of knit goods.  I guess some people categorize them as dry goods.

Some also say that for example sheep or animal wool is a thing that can be valued more or less than acrylic and for different reasons, its like holds clue to the world of knock offs vs real fashion, i really have found this dialog to offer some great information about fashion and what types of fashions tend to be more likely to have the same as well in the future.

So in all selling knit goods is like one of the best ways to get into fashion as enterprise and keep a stable footing. As i sell more im sure i will be able to descibe to other side in terms of customer review, what buying knit goods mean to them in fashion.