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Working on ruching some fabric with elastic thread. Its working really good.  I kind of tears the fab slightly. I dont ming the chic and shabby look so all good.  This way the pleats stretch out and is a fun way to work with woven fabric which sometimes is more difficult for me than knit fabric.
Im trying to decide if i should line it or not. Its a little sheer, and perhaps more stretchy than the lining i’ve prepared.

Dress and blouse

I am making a dress and a blouse out of some linens of my grandmothers tht may have come from even further back, her mom or grandma.  My mom had these and i made a long quilted coat last season with a wool batting.  They are all white and cream and its quite a fun project, also a funky hat with some scrap.

Hand basting for quilted hat!

Making this hat out of scrap batting(wool) and dress scrap.  I guess peta, animal protection group doesn’t like wool because its an animal product. Even though people think its a sustainability product, peta thinks anything from an animal shouldn’t be used by humans. Finished item photos on the way.

Nuts and berries

This was a great drink i had many years back.  I guess its chambord and frangelico and half and half.

Its pretty tasty, not too hard of flavors and pretty rich so doesnt make you feel all drunk and have to get like a bunch more.

I thought it would be a hood topic to rif off of, well…

Not much is going on in my store or with phader ewaw.  Im doing some one piece dress and short playsuits.  Me and my mom had a bunch of ethnic fabrics and im turning them into outfits, lining everything with old jersey tops and dresses etc.

Other than that pretty quiet.

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Progress of this pant suit, short suit.  Im making all this couture stuff, which im finally trying to make it all lined as i guess handsewing looks like undies unless it has lining.  Ive been trying to research couture to see what it exactly is and like from what time period the deffinition is, only because not hardly any of my stuff sells and i cant tell why.
Anyway my mom says people arent probably interested in lined stuff so the majority of the lined stuff im making, im just making to be reversible as per the pictures.
I guess most people learn this stuff in a fashion degree but as i didnt need to learn how to handsew, this is what type of stuff i started learning about.  I kind of dig the shorts on this suit as i have not been too sucessful having the patience to make stuff that snugs the body curve
This suit has a zipper around the waist, hopefully will work, i keep trying to use them up because i have like thirty and all these needs for like couture short sets and reversible dresses.