Quilting projects

Ive been working on a bunch of quilting projects. I got one quilting pattern called through the looking glass and got it resized to make a bunch of mini quilts. I am trying to sell them in brooklyn.

The pattern is pretty cool though i drew it out myself the first time and it doesnt lie totally flat so i got my image enlarged at office depot and the pieces look a lot better. Plus we got a new savers so i can just use recycled sheets for cheap.

I also have a cool one that is a bamboo plant and have two sizes so that could be fun. I got a rotary cutter and a self healing mat and some rulers. Maybe i might want to do some hello kitty or pinnapple patterns as well as whatever else.


Chinese seeds

I bought all these seeds from aliexpress in china.
Its so cool you can get like anything you want.  I think i got like 50 types.  I have sprouted a number of them and havent been able to keep them alive. I have a bunch of seeds though and i want to sprout them.
Here is the list.  I also got some american ones and they totally wont sprout.  I guess i just need to focus some energy into it.

Blue daisy, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Strelitzia reginae, Clivia, Pink stripe, Orychophragmus, Fuchsia, Clematis, Forsythia, Narcissus, Lobelia, Convallaria, Christmas cactus, hibiscus, iris, antheriym, lotus, dahlia, lithops, magnolia, cypress, pampas grass, hyacinth, golden rose, hydrangea, jasmine, bluebells, cactus, mimosa, eustoma, cycas, red rose, blue rose, wisteria, blue rose, rainbow rose, camelia, datura, nopalxochia, zebra primrose, blue dragon rose, lily, hippeastrum, orange rose, calceolaria, bougainvillea, midnight rose, daisy, tulip, geranium, orchid, maroon rose, desert rose,  petunia, china mallow, lupine, coleus, wildflower, woodruff, morningglory, columbine, peony, galanthus.
American seeds

Foxglove, butterfly weed, banana tree, campanula, hollyhock, lettuce, foxglove, poppy, stevia, anchusa, basil, tomato, cleome, dill, chocolate flower, grandpa otts morning glory, eggplant habanero, clary sage.

Sage plants

So i’ve growing these sage plants for the past couple years.  I have grown them from root stock over the past few years and they keep doubling through my work at getting them to grow in a patch where they can expand.
Actualy i discovered them at my apartment because my grandmother discovered them after having been oblivious to their presence. Id been renting for like two years and then realized the gold mine i was in, for no reason at all. Then i just began to propogate the species and make smudge sticks.

At all just harvesting contstanly and re propogating has kept them within a clean metaphor.
Of course i only started to make money off them as i was beginning to get the landlord declaredly evicted and my own serfdom declared (monetarily) aas an income.
So love these plants as they cant cut me from my riches nor twill me from the year i spent in nyc looking for buffalo sage or the year i spent studying the ancient plants of the most quested after.

Getting a handle.

All kinds of alcohol

And all people in their dear try of having just tax and bowling bags.

So i wanted to make a post about my experiences with drinking out of the handle. And the cross reference of having to haul water from a pump next door ( where vandals have not taken the handle).

Once i got a vodka handle and laid in the sun to relax just taking some slams here and there and listened to music in my bikini.  I have to put it behind a cement block because i though my name mom was going to come catch me for some reason. She didnt.
These kids were hanging out by the grocery store trying to get money for a handle, and eventually got the money, some of it was from selling cigarettes to me, maybe a dollar a piece. Then one kid took off with the money and left his backpack, then didnt come back and i left as well. Not sure to f he came back.
I had got my water shut off because the landlord bailed out completely and had to find a water source, so eventually realized there was a pump next door and the peeps had just moved out.  Eventually the real estate lady caught me and anyway she felt bad for my situation and said it was fine 🙂
I also placed a handle of whiskey at a neighbors house, im sure he already drank it and he paid for it and anyway i thought it was a pretty good idea.